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Run by a Belgian, living more than 20 years in Ethiopia

If you are an individual birdwatcher, join our group that we form with other birders and
tell us which dates are the most convenient for you during 2024-2025. 

Contact us  for all details

Update Mars 2024: Even if some parts of Ethiopia are currently inaccessible due to security problems, the birding tours are not much affected. We did 2 tours of 15 days in the beginning of 2024 including Debre Zeit, Awash, Aledeghi, Rift Vally, Balé, Yabelo, Mega. 404 and 457 different birds with most endemics.
Since 2 years, we discovered a new accessible area for the Prince's Rispoli's Turaco.

White Tailed Swallow flying
Ethiopian wolf with a giant mole rat in the mouth
Birds tours

We cover all areas of Ethiopia for Birdwatching, from the Classical Endemic Tour to more remote areas like Gambella or Churchura National Park.

Bird Photography

Full screen photography of birds can go easily to 150 birds in a week, and 300 birds in a 3 weeks trip. The daily nice climate, all year round, makes it easy for photographers.

Nature Tours

In the Ethiopian National Parks you can see animals like the  Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboon,Balé Monkeys, Elephants, Lions,  giant forest Hog, ...."

Trip reports

See up to 550 birds in 19 days. From Semi-Desert and African Savannah, Rift Vally Lakes, Primary Forest, Montane habitats to Transalpine Climate.

Owlbarn in a tree in Ethiopia


Since 2002, every day is a birdwatching day.

Elias is our Ethiopian ornithologist, formed in Kenya and Ethiopia. He is the professional guide during the tours. Beside Elias, we have several local birdwatching guides in specific areas.
We have 6 Landcruisers, 3 minibuses and a 21 seat Coaster bus available for our Tours.

Phone - Whatsapp: +251 911 465693

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