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About Us

The Flamingos Tours Ethiopia is specialised in birdwatching tours and nature tours and is run by Belgian birdwatcher, who lives since more than 18 years in Ethiopia

Flamingos Tours Ethiopia is part of BINOCULAR PLC.

We have 6 Landcruisers, 3 minibuses and a 21 seat Coaster bus available for our Tours.


Belgian birdwatcher, owner of the agency.

Live since 2002 in Ethiopia. He is also the owner of 2 lodges in birding areas.

"After more than 18 years in Ethiopia, birdwatching stays full of surprises. Recently,  a Black Cap in our garden. Never seen before here. In the evening around 6.30 pm, you can expect an Owl to fly over. The blue sky, the nice climate. You can understand why birds like to live in this country !!"


Our Ethiopian ornithologist Elias, formed in Kenya and Ethiopia is the professional guide during the tours. Beside Elias, we have several local birdwatching guides in specific areas. 

"I started to be closer with birds as early as when I was 10 years old when I used to breed domesticated doves, and by the age of 12 , I started to identify wild birds with a black and white illustrated book given by my grandfather. Birds were getting a passion for me and anytime I visited an area, I was searching for the birds. As there is no schooling for birdwatching in Ethiopia, my family gave me the chance to go to Kenia.
Bird watching guiding become my full time job after my two years birdwatching course in Kenya in 2006. Since then, I did many birding trips in all parts of Ethiopia. "

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