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Birdwatching and Nature Lodges

Babogaya Lake Viewpoint Lodge, Ethiopia
The Babogaya Lake Viewpoint Lodge

1 hour south from the international airport of Addis Ababa. Taxi can be organized by the lodge. The best place for directly starting your birding, as you will see easily 100 different birds, some endemics, in the first 24 h. Babogaya Lake recorded 360 different birds, and 5000 grus grus are flying in every evening during their overwintering in the nearby swamps.( nov-dec-jan-feb). A Barn Owl is nesting in the Hammerkop nest  at some meters from the restaurant. If chicks are there, you can see the parents fly in every evening to feed them.

The 10000 Flamingos Lodge

3,5 hours south from Addis Ababa (286 km on the highway and a good asphalt road).

Inside Abiata-Shalla National Park, it's the most important birding Park of Ethiopia. Situated on a hill between Lake Chitu and Lake Shalla, all year round, there are 10000 lesser flamingos. The African Savannah and the 3 lakes of the Park is home to 452 recorded species.

10000 Flamingos Lodge, South Ethiopia
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